uhuk )':

Err , act aku da minat lagu ny da lame . mybe cume skg aku tahu ap meaning dea . same mcm ap yg aku rase skg . aku dedicate kan lagu ny special for you , a friends who never bored to make me happy ! aku rase tk perlu nk mention nme kt sini sbb sp yg bace post ny , msti tahu sp . friends , for first of all , i want you all to know that i very very very love you . i don't know whether i can make my life without you beside me . fyi also , you're the best thing that i ever had in my life ! seriously , i dont want to lost you because i love you .
    Skg , aku tngok kite sume da berubah termasuk aku . aku tahu aku mmg da bnyk berubah . mybe sbb kite laen kelas . tp tahun lpas kite laen kelas jgak kan ? hurm . ntahla . kite bkan lagi yg dlu . bkan lagi bestie yg ceria , bestie yg kuad merapu , bestie yg suke me**** , n all . i miss the old one . seriously . knp kite da tk bole jdi mcm dlu ? aku rindu sngt tyme kite same same dlu . sume ceria jea , happening . but now ? only God know how i feel . cume skg yg aku hrapkan , korg bace bnde ny . before i leave , only 3 words i can say . I LOVE YOU !

(sumpah menanges tulis post ny )

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